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Are you going to eat that?

December 12, 2014

Breathe… This quarter has been stressful to say the least. But it is over now. For at least a couple of weeks I can catch up on much needed sanity before starting my final class of the IT Networking program. Which is weird because I haven’t taken the entry level classes yet due to the unavailability of them last Spring. So I get to take them the quarter after I complete the “final” class. Talk about feeling like you are missing something all quarter long.


Kyra – “Catch up on some much needed sanity?” Hmmm, is sanity a thing that exists in this house? Well if you find it could you let me know where?

For the next three weeks none of that matters. The holidays are here and the house does not yet look as if drunk elves have puked up lights and decorations in every nook and cranny, so that has got to happen. The wife’s snowflakes and ornaments are hanging from the ceiling. The boys advent calendar is taunting him to peel back all of the panels and consume 25 days of chocolate when no one else is looking. The daughter is buying gifts and wrapping them as this is the first season that she is employed, and then there is me. Just sitting here drinking massive quantities of cocoa and marshmallows that are entirely too hot. The skin on the roof of my mouth should be healed by the time March comes around.

Kyra – Slowly I’m beginning to grasp the delicate art of wrapping Christmas gifts. I think I may have gone a little over board this year…hmm, perhaps. Also, how are we to know that the boy hasn’t already eaten all twenty-five chocolates already and precisely taped the calendar days back down?

My knitting projects are becoming many unfinished projects. Currently I am working on a blanket, a hat, a scarf and a gift for someone (not revealing the nature of the gift in the off chance she is lurking nearby). So once again I find myself with many projects nearing done, but I find I have a serious inability to finish any of it. This is a theme throughout my life and days. Kyra mocks me because she has never seen me finish a plate of food, always leaving just one bite. I am sure that there is some deep psychological explanation for this, but who has time to explore it?

Kyra – I had time to explore it actually, several times. It is a Japanese custom to show that you’re full. Hmmm, where did you pick that up? I’m not quite sure.


The holidays though. The wife is entrusting me with the creation of all the cookies and most of the treats this year (she isn’t allowing me to steal the almond toffee duties). The joy is finding where to start with it all? Planning for cookie making! That is what my break will be consumed with and it will be glorious. Chocolate chips, peanut butter, sugar, SNICKERDOODLES!!!! Oh yes, it will be an event. It will also be amazing if half of them make it to the cookie jar as I am stocking up on milk and dreams. I would invite you all to partake in the sugar rush, but I am greedy. Well except the last bite, I guess you can have that.

Kyra – No matter how much you hate them, I expect the little round white cookies that Jeanine makes…

~Dave & Kyra